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KARACHI -- Minister for Privatization and Aviation Mohammad Mian Soomro Friday said that the present government is fully committed to adopting austerity by avoiding unnecessary expenditures for saving government money and it is bounden duty of every government organization to take cost saving measures in every public spending.
His bounden duty is to protect the interest of his own country above all else.
Risk is there but yet as a media man, it should be our bounden duty to inform the people about the happenings.
'Had the President failed to act on the recommendation of the National Council to address the environmental disaster in Boracay, he would have violated his bounden duty under existing laws and the Constitution,' Calida stressed.
If there is a drought on the scale of 1976, the industry would be unable to fulfil its bounden duty to deliver drinking water to households in large parts of the country.
IANS New Delhi A day after four senior-most judges of the Supreme Court went public with their differences with Chief Justice Dipak Misra, senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha said it is"our bounden duty to take note of what the judges have said and raise our voice for corrective action".
Taxonomists added the "a" to make it a little bit more Latin-y (as is their bounden duty) but - fun fact - ysbryda is believed to be the first ever species name to be taken from the Welsh language.
"It is our bounden duty to see that our rich cultural heritage that is given to us by our forefathers is preserved and passed on to the next generation," he added.
The vice president said, "It is our bounden duty to preserve our culture for the next generation, and the life and legacy of MS should inspire the youth to pursue greater heights." The exhibition hosted at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) will end on September 30 after which it will travel to a few other cities.
"It is our bounden duty to digitally empower the huge chunk of population particularly in rural areas who are still deprived of IT revolution", said Sinha.
I also warned the President, "Every life is valuable and it is your bounden duty to save the innocent people at any cost.
Moreover, the commission had been bounden to arrest anyone