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As Mandela has claimed, open-mindedness is not just a virtue; it is a bounden duty.
Bounden, developed by Game Oven co-founder Bojan Endrovski and designer Adriaan de Jongh, with help from choreographer Ernst Meisner and Dutch National Ballet Junior Company dancers, is an iPhone/Android game for two players.
Showyth and complayneth vnto your good lordshype your dayly orator Thomas Kele of London stacioner that wher as your seyd orator was prentes & afterwardes servant with Rych pynson of London prenter by the space of viii yeres/ And afterwarde the seyd Rych to thentent to sett the same your orator fourth soe that he might begynne the worke & soe to have a competente levynge in hys age delyured unto the same your orator a stoke of xxiiij li for repayment (22) wherof tbe same your orator was bounden by hys dede obligatocon vnto the seyd Rych in the some of xxiiij li payable att certayn dayes.
Do we not have a bounden duty to replace the false with the true?
It is the bounden duty of government to provide basic necessities of life for those citizens who are permanently or temporarily not able to earn their livelihood owing to debility, illness or unemployment.
It is our bounden duty to keep our environment tidy and ensure we don't pollute it.
He declared that the question was well worth consideration to supply the need for a public park for ''the health and amusement of the multitude of toiling men, without whose presence and exertions no town can be either great or prosperous and for whose moral and physical health it is the bounden duty as well as the interest of the governing classes, and the men of leisure and refreshment to provide''.
It becomes his bounden duty then to protect the past and forward the lessons from it to the future.
Not because McGrath's work is anything other than exemplary, but because total control of the commentary output in the UK has been the bounden ambition of SIS since the early days of its formation.
Even so, the editors offer a suitable homage au maitre by taking seriously his main precept--the historian's bounden duty to address his subjects by "seeing things their way"--while also placing a corrective lens on the curious astigmatism that impaired his own otherwise magisterial vision.
We are thrilled to be a part of this boom, there is so much of work and enthusiasm everywhere -- the expansion of Sparklet today is not a choice anymore but a bounden duty.