bounden duty

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As Mandela has claimed, open-mindedness is not just a virtue; it is a bounden duty.
It is our bounden duty to digitally empower the huge chunk of population particularly in rural areas who are still deprived of IT revolution", said Sinha.
While addressing the government officers in the DCO Office here today, she said that service to humanity is great worship and it is bounden duty of the government functionaries to perform their duties honestly and with commitment.
As we celebrate the gaining of independence, today, we recognize our bounden duty to give all honor and respect to the members of the security forces who made great sacrifices to protect our sovereignty and territorial integrity in the battle against terrorism.
However, it is our bounden duty to resolve this case by applying the Constitution, law, jurisprudence, and none other.
He said that peace was our national and global need and hence it was urgency of the hour to maintain mutual harmony and fraternity among the Muslims especially during the holy month of Muharram adding that it was the bounden duty of every Muslim all and sundry to adhere to the true philosophy of Islam.
Though the greatest challenge lies in apprehending the accused, Sethi states that it is her bounden duty to protect the city women against sexual and other heinous crimes.
It is the bounden duty of the church to help men and women to become economically efficient as well as to help them become spiritually fervent.
It may not have been the most efficient system but it worked and its bounden duty was to serve the national interest, not profiteering shareholders.
Of course speed restrictions are tiresome, but they are there to prevent these sort of things from happening and it is the bounden duty of all responsible adults to obey them.
According to the Foreign Minister, Egypt feels his bounden duty to help the Palestinian people and support Palestine in the way of membership in the UN.
Do we not have a bounden duty to replace the false with the true?