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The special moral task of economic life--to be collectively organized abstinence from evil carnal boundlessness, with the goal of converting material nature--individual and general--into the free form of human spirit.
One of the most strongly reported psychological alterations was oceanic boundlessness, which is described as "derealization and depersonalization phenomena associated with positive emotional states" (Hasler et al.
The Earth, which you earthlings are so proud of and so cruel to, is but one of the fine specks of dust rotating in the boundlessness and not the largest one.
Hans Walter Wolff argued that the central theme of the text is a critique of Jewish piety via an expression of the boundlessness of God's mercy.
Accordingly, in the closing lines, the desert loses its religious and worldly connotations and becomes an abstract symbol of infinity and boundlessness.
Only as a metaphor for a sense of boundlessness, the possibility of rejoicing" ("Talking with John Cheever," New York Times Book Review.
Norbrook speaks of "a sense of strain in images of a harmoniously designed cosmos, a sense of boundlessness that God may not fully control.
Facing the light, Flavin even had recourse to formlessness, invoking Kant: The Sublime is to he found in a formless object, so far as in it, or by occasion of it, boundlessness is represented.
In the sheer boundlessness of space or the inexhaustible plurality of worlds is the universe actually infinite?
After the confrontation with the continental boundlessness, the emergence of the anonymity of the urban environment in the nineteenth century would eventually extend the street as the substitute or alternative to the pathways of forests and streams, with the metropolitan pedestrian instinctively subscribing to its lore (Patten 1909: 58).
Aristotle, after all, had rejected the idea on the grounds that human nature was limited, and that capitalism itself implied a form of boundlessness in pursuit of profit.
It is as though they had said that if men only renounce their capacity for action, with its futility, boundlessness, and uncertainty of outcome, there could be a remedy for the frailty of human affairs.