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His story suggests that, while geo-spatial technologies such as Ushahidi evoked a sense of boundlessness and individuality, they also fostered strong feelings of social connection and national cohesion.
Boundlessness is implicit while the utterance is tied continuously to both past and future, and unstable.
If we see this as a metaphor, could boundlessness entering into its unity produce a witnessing void-based consciousness that can know its Self?
Granted, the album isn't entirely divorced from hiphop--its monstrous single "Ryderz" recalls the hyperspeed soul of College Dropout-era Kanye--but its sonic boundlessness is the thing that hits you the hardest.
Accidentally ordered sets of causes can extend backward to boundlessness.
The biggest problem of all, experts agree, is that Hadoop's seeming boundlessness instills a proclivity for data exploration in those who use it.
Action enacts and produces a kind of "boundlessness"; in its boundlessness, action "always establishes relationships and therefore has an inherent tendency to force open all limitations and cut across all boundaries" (190).
Her intense, lifelong scrutiny of her own consciousness informs much of her poetry, and one of the most prominent features of her view is that, because the conscious self is, experientially, a finite and severely limited participation in a boundlessness of transcendent meaning mysteriously cognate with the self, it can know itself, and have control over itself, only very incompletely.
But the very boundlessness of the authorial privileges claimed by the university's priest-prophets finally constitutes their greatest danger.
8) With the spatial boundlessness, this cognitive timelessness creates a metaphoric limbo where spatial and temporal axes of history collapse.
We also acknowledge our limitations and the relative smallness of our intellectual capacity before the radical boundlessness of the works of our father God.