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The priority of boundness for dvandva formation might be reduced to the Bare Stem Constraint explored by Ralli and Karasimos (2009), which states that in stem-based languages like Greek, "the bond between the two constituents of a compound word is better guaranteed if the first stem is as bare as possible" (Ralli 2009: 457).
The degree of dependency is related to the CPU boundness factor of the tasks they are running.
One of the "wrinkles" in the mathematical model of cloaking is that the transformations that define the required material parameters have singularities, that is, points at which the transformations fail to exist or fail to have properties such as smoothness or boundness that are required to demonstrate cloaking.
Complex Predicates in Oceanic Languages: Studies in the Dynamics of Binding and Boundness.
However, from this conventional abstract structure, standard Petri net properties can be proved, such as the presence of loops or cycle (sequences of transitions that can be infinitely repeated, deadlocks (blocking state from which no transition may occur), the (un-)accessibility of a goal, final or a home state, the boundness (infinite growing of the number of tokens) or the lost of tokens in a hole place.
Also in his theory some key properties, such as liveness, boundness and soundness were identified to facilitate workflow evaluation and analysis.
The emphasis in Factor 3 is essentially motivational; fear of failure (FF), is linked to an absence of (internal) attribution for academic failure in terms of a lack of ability (ABF), to syllabus boundness (SB), and workload (WL).
HAVDALAH On the one, the only thread, on that you spin--by that spun round into Freeness, not into Boundness.
Syllabus boundness and surface learning were combined into a reproducing orientation index, a surface approach to learning.
Another case of lexical boundness is the use of an element of the value of an LF(L) to express a [PSI] of (L)--that is, to be used as an actant.