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By the [H.sup.m] boundness with weak convergence, it is deduced that
Considering the above research findings, we might claim that the study abroad period seems to push learners to go through a process of native-like selection (Pawler and Syder 1983), which involves the ability to select and use pragmatic routines from among different "native-like formulations." In this process, the boundness to a particular situation and the prototypicality of the routine play a significant role.
In this section, we give the conditions of the boundness of the capital and the stock of capital justifying the fact that the economic resources are limited.
A backstepping control law is derived for the CSTR with uncertainty in [11]; global uniform boundness results of the closed-loop dynamics are given.
This is equivalent as shown in [18] to the uniform persistence of the state variables and the boundness of D.
That proves the boundness of the sequence ([u.sub.n], [q.sub.n]).
For an arbitrarily given compact subset [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], a state feedback controller [u.sub.i] can always be found to guarantee the solution of original multivariable closed-loop system (1) existence and boundness under arbitrary initial conditions for all w(0) [member of] [D.sub.w], when t [greater than or equal to] 0, and even [lim.sub.t[right arrow][infinity]]x(t) = C, where C is a constant vector representing the reference value.
The shortcoming of this approach is the boundness of the space region in which the problem can be solved.
This strongly suggests that dvandva formation is related to boundness. Even the compounding in kun-yomi pronunciation, as in (33c) or (37c), repeated here as (39a) and (39b), respectively.
Typically, sensors in WSNs must coordinate their actions to address system-wide design issues, e.g., physical distribution, resource boundness, information uncertainty, large scale, decentralized control and adaptiveness.
DA 0.578 * -0.500 * 0.514 * -0.587 * SA -0.333 * -0.398 * Note: SM = Seeking Meaning, RI = Relating Ideas, UE = Use of Evidence, II = Interest of Ideas, OS = Organized Study, TM = Time Management, AAD = Alertness to Assessment Demands, A = Achieving, LP = Lack of Purpose, UM = Unrelated Memorizing, S-b = Syllabus- boundness, FF = Fear of Failure, DA = Deep Approach, SA = Strategic Approach, SAA = Surface Apathetic Approach, R.W.
Although the concept of boundness also appears in the literature as a key feature of perfectivity, it is widely understood that perfectivity goes hand in hand with an understanding of completion within a temporal interval.