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precisely describe the difference between bounds and rules.
q] type bounds (4) can hardly be used to solve typical test problems with relatively large Lipschitz constants and (n > 2).
His mother, Susan Bounds, 50, of Clos Pwll Glo, Merthyr Tydfil, said the jury's decision was the best outcome.
We investigate lower and upper bounds for right tails (stop-loss premiums) of deterministic and stochastic sums of nonindependent random variables.
Mathematicians have long been interested in polynomial bounds for n
Bayesian bounds for parameter estimation and nonlinear filtering/tracking.
Grainware complements our existing line, and we can give it the attention that it deserves," said Sharon Bounds, vice president of William Bounds Ltd.
That means if your running back is anywhere near the sideline, he should try to get out of bounds.
Detemple, 1996, "American Option Valuation--New Bounds, Approximations, and a Comparison of Existing Methods", Review of Financial Studies, 9:1211-1250
With their World Trade Center-adjacent apartment building badly battered, Wall Street Journal writers Gwendolyn "Wendy" Bounds and her partner, Kathryn Kranhold, suddenly need a place to stay.
PRESENTATION consultant Andy Bounds of Merseysidebased Abnormal Results, is to hold a three-hour seminar to show business people how to sell themselves in just 60 seconds.