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They eat, they drink, and with refection sweet Are fill'd, before th' all bounteous King, who showrd With copious hand, rejoycing in thir joy.
I ate hardly any breakfast, and I've done everything I know to make myself extra hungry, but I really don't think I can eat straight through, unless I burst my buttons off," whispered Geordie to Will, as he surveyed the bounteous stores before him with a hopeless sigh.
169c-169d) And again far-seeing Zeus made yet another generation, the fifth, of men who are upon the bounteous earth.
For upon the bounteous earth Zeus has thrice ten thousand spirits, watchers of mortal men, and these keep watch on judgements and deeds of wrong as they roam, clothed in mist, all over the earth.
On many a high-leafed oak and thick pine he falls and brings them to the bounteous earth in mountain glens: then all the immense wood roars and the beasts shudder and put their tails between their legs, even those whose hide is covered with fur; for with his bitter blast he blows even through them although they are shaggy-breasted.
Come, thou jolly substance, with thy shining face, keep back thy inspiration, but hold forth thy tempting rewards; thy shining, chinking heap; thy quickly convertible bank-bill, big with unseen riches; thy often-varying stock; the warm, the comfortable house; and, lastly, a fair portion of that bounteous mother, whose flowing breasts yield redundant sustenance for all her numerous offspring, did not some too greedily and wantonly drive their brethren from the teat.
believe foreseethe plateau (ECHO beachingly Seaforth Still, knowing only a little of the cultivation from the soil of all things hybrid yet noble and bounteous that your contributor juxtaposes with a nation's identity, I would also have arrived at a similar conclusion that Englishness just doesn't grow on trees.
After retiring to Simsbury, Connecticut, in 1962, she and her husband designed the floor plan for their home where she worked endless hours establishing flower beds, canning and freezing the harvests of their vegetable garden, and preparing bounteous meals for all who came to visit.
On its last run before this Christmas, he and his three crew landed a bounteous catch of prawns ( 39 boxes, the best haul of the month.
And I could see the Trevor Howard lookalike priest, tippling in the corner, reminding them all to be in church tomorrow to give thanks for the Lord's bounteous blessing.
It's too bounteous a well for Brown to allow to dry up, but he may offer some comfort to those struggling to get on the housing ladder.
These two impressive releasesconstitute the best part of a half-century's worth of recordings from the bounteous output of America's first family of gospel music - guitarist Roebuck Staples, known as Pops, plus son Pervis and daughters Mavis and Cleotha.