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As mere ants in God's divine scheme, the Atuot almost certainly believed that the building of the Jonglei Canal was the result of some young man who had bragged about the bounty of the Nile or of the bountifulness of his crops thus bringing on Decau's wrath.
Bland on the greensward, divested amid verdure, 'undecked save with herself', the narrow virginal instrument, Eve, assumes the plenitude and bountifulness of motherhood.
Perhaps this is why, then, when I am hungry--when I think that I am hungry--"the world offers the bountifulness of terrestrial nourishment to [my] intentions ..." (EE:30).
And you can harvest it at its ultimate nutritional bountifulness."
The world offers the bountifulness of the terrestrial nourishment to our intentions--including those of Rabelais; the world where youth is happy and restless with desire is the world itself.
Its emergence in the mid-nineteenth century intimates a recognition of nature as Otherness, not simply a taken-for-granted expression of God's bountifulness. In this sense Thoreau's celebration of the landscape in its primal glory is like one early response to the loss of God at the beginning of the industrial age when Nature was becoming semisecularised.