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The global bovine respiratory disease treatment market segmentation is based on disease type (diphtheria, pneumonia/lower respiratory tract infection, upper respiratory tract infections), treatment type (antibiotics, immunomodulators, NSAIDs, vaccines, others), and end users (private veterinary pharmacies, veterinary clinics, veterinary hospitals, veterinary research institutes, others).
Viral infections in bovine respiratory diseases in the United States.
The Whisper Veterinary Stethoscope System is a Bovine Respiratory Disease detection system which incorporates an electronic stethoscope to capture a lung sound, then utilises computer-aided proprietary analytics to evaluate the severity of the animal's lung condition so that the appropriate treatment regimen can be started.
Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex (Brdc): Viral And Bacterial Pathogens In Serbia.
The California Bovine Respiratory Disease Scoring System allows owners, vets and farmworkers to easily diagnose respiratory disease in preweaned calves.
Previous studies have shown that influenza D viruses are mainly found in respiratory tract samples (1-4,7,9-12) and that they have played an etiologic role in bovine respiratory diseases (2-4).
Demonstration of the metaphylactic use of gamithromycin against bacterial pathogens associated with bovine respiratory disease in a multicentre farm trial.
Eduardo Casas, a geneticist in the Genetics and Breeding Research Unit at the time of the study, and former ARS scientist Gary Snowder discovered a quantitative trait locus (QTL), or location, on bovine chromosome 20 that is associated with pinkeye, foot rot, and bovine respiratory disease.
MESSAGE: TETRADURE is a single-treatment, powerful antibiotic used to prevent and treat bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in cattle for cost-effective results.

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