bow to

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And thou pratest like a coward," answered the stranger, "for thou standest there with a good yew bow to shoot at my heart, while I have nought in my hand but a plain blackthorn staff wherewith to meet thee.
In his hand was his slender bow to which he had fitted one of his death dealing arrows.
The Wizard now arose and made a low bow to Ozma and another less deferent bow to the assembled company.
The old Munchkin immediately came to life and with a low bow to the Wizard said: "Thanks.
I am very well satisfied to think the whole population believed in those poor, cheap miracles--a people who want two cents every time they bow to you, and who abuse a woman, are capable of it, I think.
As he was thus walking, uttering no sound, except to hail the men aloft, or to bid them hoist a sail still higher, or to spread one to a still greater breadth --thus to and fro pacing, beneath his slouched hat, at every turn he passed his own wrecked boat, which had been dropped upon the quarter-deck, and lay there reversed; broken bow to shattered stern.
Again, let me give you some advice: if you can afford it, hold on to your old bow to use as a backup.
Tom's bow-building experience and his own mechanical genius quickly took his Jennings Compound Bow to the top of the bowhunting industry.
PH: Mathews' flagship bow, the Creed, seems to have stolen most of the spotlight this year, but the Chill is not a bow to ignore.
Whenever anything changes on the bow (including with time), archers have to adjust the button to 'tune' the bow to give a consistent flight in a simple vertical plane.
Real estate agents add a King Size Bow to the front door of a new home to present the keys to the new buyer for the first time.
At Mass some people continue to genuflect; others have returned to a pause and a bow to the altar before entering the pew.