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Time, bowdlerisation and Disney mean we tend to view fairytales as harmless, saccharine stories.
Yet most destructive to the opera's complexity of emotional content is loss of Goldoni's emphasis upon the Marchese's recognition of Armidoro's social pusillanimity, a main thread that disappears in Bottarelli's psychological bowdlerisation.
These include the replacement of "Happy Christmas" with "Merry Christmas;" the orthographic mutations of Moore's "Donder and Blitzen" to "Donner"/"Dunder," and "Blixem"/"Blixen;" some inserted archaisms ("spoke" to "spake," "jerk" to "jirk"); amplifications of diction ("dressed all in fur" to "trimmed up in fur"); and slight bowdlerisations ("settled our brains" to "settled down").