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They are computer-generated, lowest common denominator, bowdlerised rubbish stripped of any ability to offend.
A word that frequently suffers in this way is communal, which seems to feature in its bowdlerised state every time a television property programme has to deal with a swimming pool that has joint users.
Art Garfunkel's bowdlerised Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life is intriguing and catchy, but not as interesting as the Python original.
David Pountney has updated the text, arguing persuasively enough that Cambridge in 1909 had an over-reverential view of Aristophanes, using a bowdlerised text which did scant justice to the author's earthiness.
Probably not, if all they ever read are Bowdlerised versions of the past.
One recent recording of his lesser known works, (many of which were bowdlerised or dropped altogether during the prim Victorian era) even got slapped with a 'parental guidance advisory' sticker.
So he took the bowdlerised, mangled texts and reinstated the original lines, not to mention occasionally whole scenes.