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But it was heavily edited, not to say bowdlerised. This edition is not only complete but includes the fourth (of four) notebooks kept by Nijinsky and it is this last one which traces his final descent into madness.
Art Garfunkel's bowdlerised Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life is intriguing and catchy, but not as interesting as the Python original.
One recent recording of his lesser known works, (many of which were bowdlerised or dropped altogether during the prim Victorian era) even got slapped with a 'parental guidance advisory' sticker.
Probably not, if all they ever read are Bowdlerised versions of the past.
So he took the bowdlerised, mangled texts and reinstated the original lines, not to mention occasionally whole scenes.
A new edition of the poem, published this Newman centenary year, brings fresh to our attention all those lines which Elgar omitted (and even some of those which Elgar included were bowdlerised at the hands of paranoid deans and chapters in early performances of his work at Three Choirs' Festivals).