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I would not, however, stop a young person reading the books if they enjoyed the stories any more than stopping them from reading the bowdlerised Walt Disney tales.
On the one hand, the combining of the philosophical pragmatism associated with left-liberalism with bowdlerised post-structuralist theory has, on occasion, given rise to an irrelevant relativism.
The warped and bowdlerised tones of Greensleeves and The Sting, howling out on a quiet Sunday afternoon, are enough to make me wish I had a shotgun.
Current science and ecology, in whatever bowdlerised forms--and the bowdlerisation itself must be a focus of investigation--increasingly appear in literary works, and we cannot avoid incorporating them into our critical frameworks, any more than we can avoid recognising the impact of Darwin's thought on many late nineteenth-century novels.
Insights from intelligent, well-written articles appearing overseas, reappear here in a bowdlerised or derivative form in one or other of our self-proclaimed "quality" papers.
It isolated British drama from the experimental, Modernist and social realist traditions abroad (either by banning plays outright or by only permitting them in a heavily bowdlerised, often virtually meaningless form) and ensured that only the most timidly natur alistic plays could be staged uncut.
This wartime weepie was heavily bowdlerised from the original play, prostitution not being the easiest subject to bring to the screen in Hollywood's Golden Age.
I think it's what they want and, to be honest, I think it's what music needs at the minute," he says - "an unashamed pro-guitar record made by musicians who aren't afraid to say 'we write our songs, we play our instruments and it's damned good' (that 'damned' one should explain, is one of the bowdlerised adjectives family newspapers have to resort to when passing on the thoughts of such a passionate performer).
They are computer-generated, lowest common denominator, bowdlerised rubbish stripped of any ability to offend.
A word that frequently suffers in this way is communal, which seems to feature in its bowdlerised state every time a television property programme has to deal with a swimming pool that has joint users.