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Sherman himself is only able to offer a pathetic bowdlerization of mathematical notation [pp.
Sadly, however, no one in Saudi Arabia outside the small circle of al-Dindan's acquaintances is ever likely to become aware of this - to Western sensibilities - inexcusable example of bowdlerization.
Official campus history says the bowdlerization was Orozco's own doing.
I declined to collude in the bowdlerization of my show and announced that I would make the decision known to Allen Ginsberg, who was highly vocal about all forms of censorship.
It is meant to protect companies like the Salt Lake City-based ClearPlay, which provides a kind of home bowdlerization service for subscribers.
Michael Pilkington's version of Galliard is not a "primary source," nor is it an edition; it is an excerption and retranslation, some might say bowdlerization.