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Ravitch, an education historian and a research professor of education at NYU, shows how this country's students are compelled to read insipid texts that have been censored and bowdlerized, issued by publishers who willingly cut controversial material from their books.
The 'devoted and very competent' Helen Tracy Lowe-Porter is shown to have misunderstood and bowdlerized so many of Mann's delicately ironic phrasings that Anglo-Saxon exasperation was inevitable.
Slightly earlier, Forman's casebooks had been used in a less obtrusive but more revealing manner by Keith Thomas to illustrate early modern astrological practice in Religion and the Decline of Magic (1971), while, earlier still, Forman had been put on the map by the bowdlerized version of his curious autobiography produced by the Victorian scholar J.
Garbo finally blew Mercedes out of her life for good when de Acosta published her explosive, albeit highly bowdlerized, memoir, Here Lies the Heart, in 1960.
Their heavily abridged and often bowdlerized translations of his works--many of which were first published in monthly periodicals for adolescents like The Boy's Own Paper--deleted most of the science, altered the plots, sometimes changed the names of the characters, and generally emphasized only the most sensationalistic parts of Verne's original narratives.
The texts themselves correct the errors of previous translators: Coindreau, for example, working from the first edition of If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem (published then as The Wild Palms) had translated the Tall Convict's bowdlerized final words, "Women, --
There were 18 editions published from its first appearance in 1582 down to 1700--not counting the bowdlerized Protestant editions and the many translations into other languages.
Seltzer also bowdlerized any mention of the traveller's besetting difficulty, finding somewhere to relieve himself.
In effect, if not literally, the Bible is expurgated, bowdlerized, but the God who emerges from this process is not the God of our fathers.
A homilist might occasionally take flight to give his own bowdlerized version of what he believed ailed the souls of the faithful.
In the more than eight decades since the work's Paris debut, Le martyre has been vilified, bowdlerized, and, most frequently, plain ignored.
This Ramakrishna Movement was responsible for the translation, and publication of the English translation, of the primary source on Ramakrishna, the Srisri Ramakrsna Kathamrta,(2) and this version is both incomplete and bowdlerized.