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The study findings has shown reduced time to the first bowel sounds, defecation, passage of flatus, and feeling of hunger following chewing gum after the cesarean section.
The evening shift assessment was unremarkable except for a low-grade fever and hypoactive bowel sounds.
Bowel sounds were monitored once per day by a third-year medical student who performed auscultation for 1 minute in the periumbilical area.
Bowel sounds are not an adequate indicator of the patient's ability to tolerate feeding.
The pounds 25,000 technology is life-size and can simulate breathing, heart sounds, bowel sounds, collapsed lungs and even allergic reactions.
Auscultation of the abdomen revealed normal bowel sounds in all four quadrants; no bruits or rubs were noted.
During the day, the staff noted that David had decreased bowel sounds.
Symptoms of strangulation include: severe pain, vomiting, distension of the abdomen, noisy bowel sounds, absolute constipation.
Possible unstable medical condition related to recent bowel surgery evidenced by hypoactive bowel sounds