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With your permission," said Danglars, bowing, "I will precede you, to show you the way.
It is true, madam," said Rochester, bowing in his turn, "that Parry is the model of servants; but, madam, he is no longer young, and we laugh only when we see cheerful objects.
The singer would have conquered an audience of American rowdies by her brave, unflinching tranquillity (for she answered encore after encore, and smiled and bowed pleasantly, and sang the best she possibly could, and went bowing off, through all the jeers and hisses, without ever losing countenance or temper:) and surely in any other land than Italy her sex and her helplessness must have been an ample protection to her--she could have needed no other.
This is one of my most faithful supporters," said Korsunsky, bowing to Anna Arkadyevna, whom he had not yet seen.
Now, a leading violinist has developed a new bowing technique that transforms some of the sounds unintentionally created by beginners into steady, clear, and loud musical tones.
Others noted that bowing to the back of the person in front of you seemed pointless.
A small magnet at the wire's bowing point converts this current into a force on the wire, which then moves, and the process repeats itself.