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The curvature radius of the bowknot reduced and caused microbending loss, which will be measured by OTDR.
The Bowknot was shuttered through a closure issued by BIR Deputy Commissioner Nelson M.
"The link may properly be called a lac d'amour and it symbolizes the fidelity and loyalty of the couple to each other."(12) The allegorical connection is made explicit in an early 16th century tapestry in which a figure personifying Loyalty proudly displays a love knot in her hand.(13) In the numerous instances sampled by Freeman, most of the loveknots, or bowknots, consist of a cord arranged in three loops, with two placed symmetrically on the left and right of the central knot, and one generally longer loop arising from the center, below which dangle the two tassled ends of the cord.
3 Battle N Away Nunez/DHughes 8-1 Wakes up on Poly 8 Assaulter Perez/Perez 3-1 Proven at AP 4 Bowknot Billy Murrill/Scherer 5-1 Can bounce back 2 Lee's Luck Amparan/Matthews 6-1 Hangs around late 6 Kielbasa Roman/Cristel 8-1 Springboard to route?
Since the cords are tied on the inside with a bowknot, the sleeve can be untied so it can be stored flat.
As written in the Fanny Farmer cookbook, this is "the basic recipe from which you can make many different types of rolls and buns according to the way they are shaped and seasoned.'' If you prefer, you can make singles, Parker House rolls, breadsticks or bowknots. But, for me, it has to be cloverleaf rolls.