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Denis, author of the book The Way Things Were: A Backstreet Boyhood, will speak about his boyhood in Newcastle at St Mary's Cathedral on Wednesday, January 25, at 7.30pm.
When Leo comes across his father's boyhood journal in the attic, be learns more about his father's life and dreams, and about his father's long-estranged sister.
In this issue Paul Maliszewski--a student of one particular genre attendant to Holocaust literature, the fraudulent survivor memoir--reports on novelist Michael Chabon's use of a made-up anecdote relating a boyhood friendship with one such charlatan author.
Everyone from our high school thinks we're gay," says Dave Jeser, who, along with his boyhood friend, Matt Silverstein, created Drawn Together, TV's first animated "reality" series.
DAMIEN DUFF faces an agonising choice between his boyhood club and the Premiership champions this summer after Blackburn conceded they are powerless to prevent the winger leaving.
On Friday, the car accessories shop owner, whose family business has stood on the corner of London Road and Gulson Road since the days of his grandfather, also called Joe, said: "This is the realisation of a boyhood dream.
Its floorboards replicate those in Muddy Waters' boyhood Mississippi home; works of African American folk art line the walls; and plaster reliefs of blues greats gaze stoically from the ceilings.
Beginning with her personal contact with him, Goldoni tells the full story of Horton's life and career, from his boyhood in Indiana to his death in California, and what an unforgettable effect he had on her.
<IR> MARK TWAIN </IR> spent his boyhood there, and his experiences provided the background for Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, as well as for chapters in Life on the Mississippi.
It was an aged oak with an enormous trunk (I'm sure it wouldn't seem so big to me today), and my boyhood friends and I rested and hid and conspired in its shadow and shade.
Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture: Patricia Arquette, "Boyhood"
WINNERS BeST PicTURe Boyhood BeST acToR Michael Keaton, Birdman BeST acTReSS Julianne Moore, Still Alice BeST DiRecToR Richard Linklater, Boyhood BeST acTiNg eNSeMBle Birdman BeST coMeDy The Grand Budapest Hotel BeST acTReSS iN a coMeDy Jenny Slate, Obvious Child BeST acToR iN a coMeDy Michael Keaton, Birdman BeST SUPPoRTiNg acTReSS Patricia Arquette, Boyhood BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR JK Simmons, Whiplash MINGLING Keira Knightley, top, and Ang with Ethan Hawke, middle, and, above, Eddie Redmayne