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Conceptions of boyhood sexual health associated with these areas of inquiry are related: however, one does not find a simple dichotomy between the efforts of the interventionalists, who opt for education, protection, and correction of healthy boy bodies, and the deconstructionists, who opt for healthy irony, dissent, and anti-interventionalism.
While applications of Foucault's genealogical method to the study of boys' bodies and boyhood sexualities have so far been sparse, non-Western case studies of boyhood have been even rarer.
A test case is the DSM-IV-TR entity Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which invites a reflection on cultural and biomedical notions of what constitutes normal boyhood behavior (Hart, Grand, & Riley, forthcoming; Singh, 2005; Timimi, 2005).
This being the case, an anthropologically informed "cartography" or mapping of boyhood sexualities as local and situated "performances" could provide a contrasting perspective, even a corrective.
BOYHOOD SHADOWS reveals the unique psychological damage and consequences faced by young men who deny the experience, and shows how boldly confronting the reality of the pain is the only true way to healing.