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Boyish Add bulk to boyish frames with chunky knits.
Choose a cocoon–shaped, cocoon–shaped, boyish number for boyish number for a relaxed look, or a relaxed look, or go glam in an A–line, go glam in an A–line, waist tie style which waist tie style which will accentuate your shape while your shape while keeping you warm.
While your boyish charms and childish humour might have attracted us in the first Place, there are times we need you to be grown up and supportive.
I'd say Grant, a bit too old for the boyish self-deprecation and sweet cow's lick of hair, is improving.
She explained that she had decided to "explore new proportions" using boyish elements against a sense of femininity.
Miley is over her boyish crop and wants to grow her hair back out to girly lengths again.
com)-- A Boyish God is a troubling novel with deep insights.
Also perfect for curvy or boyish figures, the nipped-in waists and super body-con pieces are guaranteed to give you an hourglass figure like Kim's.
His public image has been pretty much the same, he likes to be taken seriously yet maintain a certain boyish earnestness.
AVOID Vertical stripes will elongate you and make you look boyish.
With that manic look in his eyes, he preached on ad nauseam, stating the obvious with such boyish exuberance as to look almost unhinged.