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Nick, who claims to be disgusted with everyone, is an unfortunate caricature of boyishness. Maguire is irrepressibly buoyant.
Morris looks back on the successful 1953 expedition as 'a last hurrah of British Imperial glory', and if that carries a hint of the boyishness of this and the earlier attempts on the peak, many of these photos bear that impression out, with their scenes of climbers larking about and teaching the porters to box and pole vault.
His Adam's apple, the flatness of his chest under vestments, and a nose he seems to still be growing into bring boyishness to the surface.
In Alcott's Little Women and its sequels, the children, and especially the boys, must violently kill beloved effigies of their own boyishness to achieve the status of privileged Americans who "suffer, and are saved, through their identification with the things they harm" (50).
"I think that dating and meeting Freddie and meeting trans people, more than anything, was more pivotal for me because I never understood why I wasn't attracted to girls that dressed like I did." Ditto slowly began unraveling her femmeness after hiding it in a lesbian feminist subculture where boyishness, if not boys, ruled.
He is six feet and several inches of athlete and the same number of feet and inches in likeable boyishness ...
LH: When you went to San Francisco, this same interviewer said, "Relyea has left boyishness behind in favor of an imposing physical presence that, even in amiable conversation, conveys just a bit of menace." I don't find that.
But decades of aggressive political correctness have had their effect, and the Scouts have lost some of the confident American boyishness that loves heroes and makes for heroes.
She is attracted to him because of his infirmity, his French, his music, his exotic status as a Polish exile, his pining for a lost love as well as parents and country, and his boyishness:
Grainy black-and-white videos played on an oversized screen behind them, and the large crowd stayed rather quiet, absorbed by the delicate harp plucks and the intricate blissful strums of Thurston, whose presence still radiates a boyishness despite his 50-some years.
In reading him the young soul sifts out for itself the splendor, the hardihood, the daring, the valor, the generosity, the boundless conflict and unhindered action, which make up the boy's early ideal of the man; while a more mature reader goes at once to his simplicity, his gayety, his passion for deeds of arms, his freedom from consciousness and from all internal debate-in short, his boyishness" (CE, 4:346).
But as dazzling as she is, it's hard to ignore the considerable age difference between her and Coppellotti, a string bean of boyishness more suited to Grieco's girlish Hope on their sweetly rendered "Easy to Love" and "It's De-Lovely." Grieco shines most brightly on her solo "Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye."