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The stereotypes of boyishness and girlishness are often compounded in stressful situations such as mealtimes and assemblies," said Hellman.
Up to a point jawani can be excused and at times appreciated even in a young adult, just as boyishness is in English society.
Yet while it's fine for Bucky, whom Hartnett embodies with a bit too much of his perpetual squinty boyishness, to be pulled toward sin, the audience needs to have a clear idea of what he wants and who he wants it with.
I had to tap into my inner boyishness to try to get that animal instinct of seeing something and wanting to climb it.
This young god startles with his groping for the balances, his unaffected boyishness, his sheer ebullience.
Yet he retains a likable boyishness and seductive intelligence, and even at his worst elicits sympathy.
The most damning line of Fowler's was lifted verbatim from the novel: "Suddenly I couldn't bear his boyishness any more.
We utilized every amusement ride and carnival game as an opportunity to convey the true boyishness of 'Spiderman'.
These include gentlemanliness versus commonness, manliness versus womanliness, and maturity versus boyishness, though Low is at pains to stress the complexity of the simultaneous interaction of these modes of identity.
5) A recent profile of new talent in Variety magazine describes him as having "the body of a well-fed country lad, a short black-and sides haircut, a barn-door-size grin: 37 year-old Sergi Lopez has turned his strapping boyishness to good use playing childlike men adrift--sometimes violently--in adulthood, warranting European Film Academy and French Cesar actor nods for 'With a Friend Like Harry.
Agnieszka in Man of Marble is a young man in female disguise, as her denim uniform exposes boyishness rather than girlish movements and behavior.