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Mishra et al (1989) evaluated four designs of knee braces at 30 [+ or -] 5[degrees] of knee flexion and reported that the anterior tibial displacement decreased in braced conditions.
In other words, based on the proposed design procedure, 2 by 4 webs longer than 14 feet cannot be braced by a 2 by 4 T-brace due to the NDS slenderness limitation.
W] was braced in a specific manner by another 2 by 4 brace having length [L.
It should be noted that the experimental ratios from the ultimate load tests are based on sample sizes of 3 and 10 for the unbraced and braced members, respectively (Leichti et al.
The specimens consisted of nominal 2 by 4 SPF simulated truss webs braced by a 2 by 4 SPF T-brace using 16d box nails (0.
A compression web or chord braced at the center of its span will have an initial column slope of 1/100 above and below the brace [9,17].
Waltz tested Select Structural and Standard Douglas Fir-Larch (DFL) specimens axially loaded and braced by his computer-controlled testing apparatus to determine the required brace force.
For permanent bracing design purposes, a simple "hand calculation" method was desired to approximate the brace force required to stabilize numerous compression webs braced by one or two CLBs or chords braced by CLBs at multiple locations.