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Rupture of the brachial artery accompanying dislocation of the elbow or supracondylar fracture.
Brachial artery catheterization injury is the most common cause of direct arterial injury.
Caption: FIGURE 3: Repeat angiography of the left upper extremity after revascularization, showing a 6 x 60 mm stent in the axillary artery and a 6 x 30 mm stent in the proximal brachial artery (arrows).
6,14,30) However, they usually branch much higher, either from the axillary artery or the brachial artery as it courses in the arm, and are classified as superficial brachioulnar arteries.
the BAD measurement taken before brachial artery occlusion) across all participants ranged between 2.
In such cases the median nerve and brachial artery may pass deep to the ligament.
To investigate the effect of the nebivolol on endothelium dysfunction, brachial artery endothelium-dependent FMD and the nitrate-mediated endothelium-independent dilatation (NMD) were examined at baseline and at 3 months after administration of the drug.
7 To overcome these difficulties other fistula sites in different parts of body have been recommended such as, antecubital area of non-dominant arm where Radial or Brachial artery could be anastomosed with Cephalic or Basalic vein.