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The PWV (m/s), AIxao-75 (%), and aortic and brachial pulse pressure (mmHg) were calculated noninvasively by the same device in order to determine AS status and central haemodynamics.
A positive association was previously found between brachial pulse wave velocity and physiological variables including age, heart rate, body mass index, and total serum cholesterol, fasting glucose and noradrenaline, and a negative association with job strain, in Japanese male workers.
The brachial pulse was palpated just below and slightly medial to the antecubital area.
To apply the algorithm, let's use the following example: a toddler has blood on his face and arms but no visible bleeding, he is crying, after calming him momentarily his respiratory rate is 40, he has a palpable brachial pulse and he resumes crying loudly while you assess perfusion.