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Caption: Figure 1: (a) Axial T2/FLAIR and (b) axial and sagittal (c) T1 weighted MRI after IV gadolinium based contrast medium injection, showing ill-defined faint bright intensity in the posterior pons and left brachium pontis (arrow in (a)) and characteristic punctate and linear enhancement (arrow in (b) and (c)).
The brachium of the left inferior colliculus (IC) was sectioned (Figure 1).
Furthermore the patient was treated for metastases to the brachium at 17 and 28 months, pelvic and thigh bilaterally at 19 months, and retroperitoneum at 30 months after the first treatment.
To determine venous compliance, subjects were placed in a supine position with the dominant limb elevated above the level of the heart and supported at the level of the thigh and ankle or brachium and wrist to promote venous drainage.
Carpal Hyperflexion in a growing dog following neural injury to the distal brachium. J.
Cellularity Neurofibromatosis Site 1 High No Left thigh 2 High No L4 nerve root 3 High NF1 Left calf 4 High No Thigh 5 Low NF1 Neck nerve root 6 Low No Radial nerve 7 High No Left femoral nerve 8 High No Nerve root 9 High No Right sciatic nerve 10 Low No Right axilla 11 High NF1 Left forearm 12 High No Left thigh 13 High No Right neck mass (nerve root) 14 High No Right thigh 15 Low No Left brachium Abbreviations: +, positive -, negative; [+ or -], indeterminate; NF1, neurofibromatosis type 1.
Pessime contra parentes erigitis brachium, pro quibus constat gloriose moriendum.Aut unde pax esse creditur, si sub civilitate pugnetur?
et dedisti mihi protectionem salutis [tuae] meae: [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] quia nec patres nostri in gladio suo possederunt terram, et brachium eorum non saluauit eos:>>
In case of the arterial channel damage in the upper limb, occlusion of one of the brachium artery had been registered in 8 cases (53.3%), in other cases--damage of the entire arterial basin of the brachium.
Frequency discrimination after bilateral section of the brachium of the inferior colliculus.
Broccoli's name is derived from the Latin word brachium, which means branch or arm, describing how it grows.