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* Evidence: A 2003 Cochrane review concluded that short-term symptom relief was achievable with bracing; however, better outcomes were seen with combination therapies (eg, medications, occupational therapy) vs splinting alone.
[7] showed prophylactic knee bracing resulted in a clinically significant reduction in the incidence of ACL and MCL injury, while only noting one femoral fracture in the braced group.
Current literature appears to indicate that knee bracing has the potential to impact performance via several mechanisms, including changes in proprioception and neuromuscular control as in the Nemth and Lamontagne study (14) in addition to mechanical effects like restriction of movement and muscle compression.
There is no validated scoliosis model or biomechanical testing environment known to exist, which has hindered experimental research of scoliosis bracing technology.
Bracing connections have always appeared more complex than they really are, said Charlie Carter, Ph.D., P.E., S.E., AISC s vice president and chief structural engineer.
In divergent conventional braces, I-shaped sections are used for building linking beam piece that requires lateral bracing to prevent lateral torsional buckling (that's why in the bridge piers and towers, this system is not used against lateral loads).
Hence, the use of a K-stud bracing system is possible only in low seismic regions where the earthquake loads and thus the required lateral resistance capacity are not high [7].
Although rigid bracing (thoracolumbosacral orthosis) is common in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, there are little data supporting this practice.
It has since added a focus on non-operative sports medicine products -- essentially, the company provides bracing supports from head to toe.
The secret is the triangular bracing, and the key to its strength is that the braces are not anchored but are instead floating on a flat rock or plank.
The Results: The bracing alone was the most effective treatment.