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There is no validated scoliosis model or biomechanical testing environment known to exist, which has hindered experimental research of scoliosis bracing technology.
Bracing connections have always appeared more complex than they really are, said Charlie Carter, Ph.
Weinstein and his colleagues performed the Bracing in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Trial (BRAIST) to compare bracing against observation alone in preventing the progression of scoliosis to 50 degrees or more, a common indication for surgery.
The triangular bracing is formed by the vertical post and two braces with several wraps of high-tensile fence wire running from the bottom of the post to the end of the brace.
But it does demonstrate that the bracing seems to be the critical treatment.
PHILADELPHIA--A lightweight brace on the patellofemoral joint significantly improves the pain and symptoms of knee osteoarthritis, according to BRACE, the largest patellofemoral bracing trial to date.
Along with bracing, specific exercises will be discussed.
Broadcast journalists might think that we, or someone else, should be bracing ourselves for something or other all the time, but they never say what good it would do.
a leader in design, innovation, and manufacture of pediatric orthoses, recently announced the latest product developments to its bracing line--the DAFO 9, an improved night-stretching brace for greater patient comfort and the DAFO Floor Reaction for patients with excessive dorsiflexion.
The efficacy of functional bracing on knee stability has been assessed by several researchers using different techniques.
1 : to make strong, firm, or steady <I stood up, bracing my body as well as I could against the wind.
Obviously, the magnitude of these loads is more than an average post can bear for any extended period, but, with a bit of thoughtfully placed bracing, a 6-inch-diameter wooden end post will offer an anchor capable of withstanding temporary pulling loads up to about 6,000 pounds.