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Each of the participating schools stood an equal chance to win the Ambassadorial trophy depending on their performance at the Big Brag.
David and Dean Giarrizzo founded Tag N' Brag as an outdoor social network targeting hunting and fishing enthusiasts.
We prescribe that the bragging rights process begins with a belief that a particular behaviour will result in the right to brag.
Usually, the first place to start is with the success and/or failures of the previous year with the product," explains Renee Cooper vice president of planning for BRAG.
BRAG says it worked well but things have returned to square one.
One of the benefits of having good cardiovascular fitness is a low resting heart rate and it is truly something to brag about.
Though it's not much to brag about, plastics plants are by no means the worst offenders.
WINNING the Manchester derby is all about bragging rights though, having been to Manchester, I don't really see too much to brag about.
Our Jack, the late Bobbie, the homes abroad brag, brag, brag.
As for your little brother, a lot of very young people tend to brag about this kind of thing to make themselves seem older.
TVR owner and Batley Brag organiser Simon Moorhouse said: "We received tremendous support at last year's event from the petrolhead community and we sincerely hope everyone will attend the 2012 event.