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I was quite conscious of the possibility that the whole was the extravagance of an old braggart and gossip.
The pugilist had been at least a fine figure of a bully and a braggart when I saw him before his fight; now he had a black eye and a bloated lip, hat on the back of his head, and made-up tie under one ear.
Prince Vasili is a shallow braggart and his son, no doubt, is a fine specimen," he grumbled to himself.
And then the poor little weak boy, whom he had pitied and almost scorned for his weakness, had done that which he, braggart as he was, dared not do.
Paul's, which are covered with hundreds of these braggart heathen allegories.
She was so constrained, and yet so careless; so reserved, and yet so watchful; so cold and proud, and yet so sensitively ashamed of her husband's braggart humility - from which she shrunk as if every example of it were a cut or a blow; that it was quite a new sensation to observe her.
His friend looked at him with a braggart air, and sang to himself.
What was he beside such a girl--he, the drunken noisy braggart of last night?
We have our share of loudmouths, braggarts, one-eyed bigots and drunks.
l The braggarts whose parties may be utterly boring but like the world to think otherwise with pictures and comments to boast.
TIME for The Apprentice to retire after its recent array of lying braggarts and the deluded.
ANDY MURRAY is a modest man who abhors braggarts and is a stranger to arrogance.