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If thou dost beat this braggart, Hubert, I will fill the bugle with silver-pennies for thee.''
The pugilist had been at least a fine figure of a bully and a braggart when I saw him before his fight; now he had a black eye and a bloated lip, hat on the back of his head, and made-up tie under one ear.
"However, I won't dispute it, let me be a braggart, why not brag, if it hurts no one?
I like the movies where you don't kiss,' he said, whilst appearing on the 'Cooks and Braggarts' show.
We don't want our nation destroyed by trumpeting braggarts, and we are not talking of only national leaders but even many in WhatsApp groups, who use fingers, thumb and time overtime to mock, jeer and lampoon those from other communities, and yet these same fellows when they go abroad will be the most quiet and law abiding people found anywhere.
Summary: People dislike braggarts. Many see braggarts as ethically and morally suspect individuals.
North Korea's "Little Rocket Man" by contrast will enjoy the red carpet treatment in Singapore over the next few days as the radioactive braggarts compare nukes.
How the tables have turned against those bleating Tory braggarts who invented vindictive rumours against Jeremy Corbyn, and exhausted every effort to write him off as some bogeyman of "the hardleft", hellbent on devouring children, spoiling crops and making animals sick.
He recalls much more than the horrors of combat, however, chronicling the diverse collection of heroes, professional warriors, shirkers, and braggarts that made up the American Expeditionary Forces.
Wolfgang Riehle has called Plautus 'the father of European comedy' and the latter's character Pyrgopolinices certainly begat a long generic line of stage braggarts. (16) Literary historians often enlist the analogy of genres as families--with ancestors, descendants, and traits passed down through the generations--to account for variations in individual members.
It is not for liars, braggarts, and most especially merciless killers Mayor Duterte palaging pinagyayabang mo na marami kang pinatay, ngayon ito ay tinatanggi mo, he said.