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A MAN who admitted the brutal murder of Malcolm Compton bragged about launching a vicious knife attack, a court heard.
This drug-abusing hood (in a Rolling Stone interview he bragged about smoking up to almost two pounds of marijuana a week) flaunts his membership in a gang responsible worldwide for thousands of murders, thousands of injuries to innocent people and tens of thousands of hopelessly hooked drug addicts.
Then she bragged she didn't feel a thing as she was intoxicated (not her choice of words) but she could remember her little boy crying.
A nod of respect has to go to Vauxhall for producing a range of cars that has so many things that can be bragged about.
He called Ticonderoga police in New York state and bragged that he would never be caught, but a caller ID system tracked the call to Auburn, Georgia.
Only a few years ago, hefty desktops bragged about having this kind of oomph.
The Belgian superstar was arrested last September and claims police watched him get into his car, then bragged they would wait for him to drive it before arresting him.