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First thought: Were they saving this report for the next time Bibi bragged about his Facebook friends or did they put it together really fast?
One of the youths bragged about it on Facebook hours later.
Chester Crown Court heard Wood bragged about attacking an unnamed man just hours after the assault and murder of Mr Compton.
Jason got 10 years and Derek received 12 years in jail at the High Court in Peterhead - despite having bragged of being 'untouchable'.
If you have any lingering doubts about who has won the cultural war in America in 2003, consider this: Our born-again president is celebrating the election of a new California governor (married to a Kennedy), who bragged about smoking "grass and hash" and gang-bragging a black woman in Gold's Gym in Venice, Calif.
He called Ticonderoga police in New York state and bragged that he would never be caught, but a caller ID system tracked the call to Auburn, Georgia.
The Belgian superstar was arrested last September and claims police watched him get into his car, then bragged they would wait for him to drive it before arresting him.
Playing against [actor-director] Bill Duke, who bragged all night long about how good he was, was the highlight of the night," MacFarland laughs.