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12 Schmidlin K, Schnell N, Steiner S, Salvi GE, Pjetursson B, Matuliene G, Zwahlen M, BrAgger U, Lang NP.
Dayton bragged further -- the man was an unrepentant bragger -- that during the dreadful Gaza war the year before, in December and January, the West Bank remained quiet, though many had predicted an upsurge of violence by Palestinians to show support for their compatriots in Gaza subjected to a murderous assault by the Israeli military -- a quiet achieved, all thanks to his 'new men.
This is in accordance with the findings of studies conducted by Walton 19 and Bragger et al20.
La asociacion entre la patologia peri-implantaria y el fracaso del implante la pusieron de manifiesto Bragger y col en 1997,(23) al considerar que la existencia de este proceso es un factor causal de la perdida de la oseo-integracion, y por tanto lleva al fracaso del tratamiento implantologico, ya que, si el sellado biologico alrededor de la fijacion se rompe o no existe, se forma una bolsa peri-implantar quedando la zona expuesta a la destruccion osea alrededor del implante.
Hildegard Bragger Trust of Montana and Gerke Excavating LLC of Tomah, Wis.
Valerie Sessa and Jennifer Bragger, both from Montclair State University, challenge us to look at Performance Management through the lens of a committed gardener: We don't just need to adjust the organization; as HR professionals we need to adjust our own attitudes regarding the care and ongoing nurturance of performance management systems.
Bragging about "never losing a battle" is simply an indication that the bragger doesn't understand war.
Needing a cover story to explain his presence in CAR, Bragger pretends to be setting up a match factory employing pygmies, which at one point occasions a "pygmy party" at a native village.
Urs Bragger, Sabine Aeschlimann, Walter Burgin, Christoph H.
Glaringly obvious that bragger Baggs had been fibbing about his ludicrous Isle of Man business empire since Day One.
Andy Creavey was on target for W Carroll Roofing in Div 3 but Mags won 3-1 and it was all square 2-2 with LWV Printworks, Whittaker 2 and Crosskeys Wright and Bragger whilst Aki's Bar, Tony Johnson and John Meath went down to The Pear Tree who had James Hargreaves 2 and Ian Franey to thank for the 3-2 win.
For you I may be a bragger, but for me I am just one very tired man thanks to the huge amount of work I have to do.