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For most folks, a 10-a penny rep-mobile might not seem to be much to brag about, but for true braggers there is lots to work on.
My criteria was not to accept bullies or braggers and I have tried to capture what has made these men the men they are today.
UNDERSTANDING car braggers is actually a very complicated task.
MOST CAR braggers like to let people know that they are good at driving fast and have the money and skills needed to drive real sports cars.
DRIVING fast on the road is meat to braggers - but it doesn't have the same clout as motorsports.
Sociopathic braggers will go to the lengths of getting key-rings of the donor car and referring to their motors not by the manufacturer's name but by the quality com- ponents that they might have.
AT first glance it might seem that parking is a dead-end street for car braggers.
Unless they're incredibly rich, most braggers change their car only every other year.
As so many braggers are company car drivers, there is always the temptation to see how fast a car can go.
There seems to be an unwritten law amongst braggers that you always tell the truth about this.
Miniature mobile phones can also double as car key-rings for amateur braggers.