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Caption: Wind-knot, left, may result from improper handling of braided line.
Wide pitch" hose, either braided or non-braided, is more difficult to bend due to its inherently stiff cross-section and is more susceptible to "kinking" upon installation.
The second saint beats the fell holding a slender rod in her right hand while winding the braided length onto a stick in her left hand (Fig.
There are two types of braided rugs: tubular and flat.
I currently have my reels spooled with different sizes of braided line because I like the extra sensitivity and feel it provides.
Containing 18 contributions from sedimentologists, geomorphologists, and engineers, this proceedings volume reports on recent research on the dynamics, deposits, ecology, and management of braided rivers.
Abstract: A vehicle brake hose has inner tube rubber layer (1), first and second braided fiber reinforcing layers (2), (3) that are provided outside the inner tube rubber layer (1), and an outer tube rubber layer (5) that is provided outside the second braided fiber reinforcing layer (3).
The coating is applied to glass braided shielding that sleeves the steel clips that hold the fuel line pipes secure in an aircraft engine.
executive director of Capel, explained that the attitude toward braided rugs has changed because manufacturers have made them with trendy colors and softer materials.
A sash or braided leather belt can also prevent a boxy, overwhelming silhouette.
Eliminating flow restrictions and bacterial entrapment, this seal is offered with braided convoluted and smooth bore hoses and sanitary or flange fittings.