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if you adhere to the following, your braided wig will serve you for a very long time.
Daiwa's J-Braid, for instance, is an 8-carrier line braided round for long casting.
This polymer consists of carbon fiber fabric assembled from 200 individual components and braided carbon fiber, the component used for the rim base.
Comparatively, braided hoses can withstand higher pressures than non-braided hoses without permanent elongation or deformation.
They cover the braiding process and parameters; the analysis of braided structures and properties; braided composites and their analysis; applications of braided structures in medical fields, civil engineering, aerospace engineering, and transportation; and recently developed multiscale braided structures and composites.
In the European Middle Ages and the Renaissance loop braiding was the most important production method for braided laces and bands and has been exercised by both professional craftsmen as well as in monasteries and private homes (Boutrup 2010; 2011).
Sturbridge's Heritage Braided rugs are made in New England with quality craftsmanship and durability in mind.
With the proliferation of braided lines in sport fishing, the following question is one which many anglers wonder about.
And because Capel is known for its braided business, not only will two braids be a part of the collection, but O'Brien plans to include a micro braid for upholstery, which would be a new category for Capel.
My grandmother stitched each braided round to the next with carpet thread, hiding her stitches between the folds of the braids.
Long hair, whether braided or not, should be tied back or up during a clinical procedure or when preparing food for safety and hygIiene reasons.
Profusely illustrated on every page, "200 Braids to Twist, Knot, Loop, Or Weave" by braid making expert and instructor Jacqui Carey offers everything you need to know to create personalized braided trims for clothing, furnishings, greeting cards, jewelry, totes, gift wraps, floral arrangements, gift wrapping, and any other crafts project.