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Part of a black hair care industry thought to be worth a billion dollars a year, African hair braiding salons, where braiders deftly twist and interlace strands of natural hair with synthetic extensions into striking hairdos, can be found in cities all across America.
39) The hair braider in this case had learned traditional hair braiding in her native Sierra Leone.
Ideal for the novice, "200 Braids to Twist, Knot, Loop, Or Weave" has a great deal of value to offer even the more experienced braider seeking to incorporate braids into textile projects, couching down braids to form decorative designs, hiding ends in seams, edging, and using war ends to form decorative finishes.
The book takes account of the main theoretical and critical literature on the still life, and on the questions of the verbal-visual relationship relevant to it (Bryson, Baudrillard, Lyotard, Braider, Alpers, Caws), but its focus, and its value, lie elsewhere, in the close reading of texts and images.
Responses the first part covers the editor himself, David Damrosch, Emily Apter, Richard Rorty, Dielal Kadir, David Ferris, Francoise Lionnet, Gail Finney, Steven Ungar, Caroline Eckhardt, Christopher Braider and Fedwa Malti-Douglas; the second part--Katie Trumpener, Caryl Emerson, Roland Greene, Linda Hutcheon, Zhang Longxi, Jonathan Culler and Marshall Brown.
Christopher Braider signals that this work is a 'domestic colloquy with a body of poems I love' (p.
Claudia enjoys using her hair braider, and just as important, she enjoys how stylish she feels with funky braids in her hair.
for example, offers three such implements--the Quick Braid hair braider, the Quick Braid styling kit and Quick Wrap.