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Since Brantley began braiding hair for a living in 1980, state regulations have made it difficult for her - and braiders across Texas - to practice the trade openly.
The sentence from Constance implies that braiding, in relation to other textile work such as weaving, might have been considered a menial task.
Trinity Braiding enhances racquet performance by increasing the torsional stability of the Pro Braided.
Although African-style hair braiding requires no on-site cutting or washing, Cornwell would have to pay more than $7,000 to attend a state-approved beauty school in order to receive the proper license.
A federal court in January ruled that Texas laws restricting Brantley's ability to open a hair braiding school were unconstitutional.
He opted to buy braiding machines and, rather than twisting the rope into plowlines, he made braided lengths and stitched them into circles, creating rugs.
In one of Saint James's strongest images in the book, the braiding scene, Neeny towers over Dada and Essie.
1 New glass reinforcements - Added to the two most dramatic introductions were several other new rovings and fabrics and some particularly intriguing new capabilities in braiding.
The art and craft of rug braiding dates back to the early 1800s, but it's now disappearing.