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molossus is narrower, with a proportionately narrow brain case (Table 1); the upper incisors are elongated with parallel (pincer-like) tips (Fig.
The supraoccipital extends antero-posteriorly on the upper surface of the brain case.
Some attention to the structure of the original connection between the brain case and the gill arches is useful in understanding the basic changes in pressure that allowed for the eventual modification of the jaw and ear.
The brain and the brain case, which is a different structure, had to undergo simultaneous evolution, for the brain could not operate without its protective shell.
The Dmanisi fossils maybe examples of a hominid species that evolved in western Asia, he says, but "a raft of evidence" from the brain case, teeth, limbs, hands and feet suggest that H.
Luzia has a very projected face; her chin sits out further than her forehead, and she has a long, narrow brain case, measured from the eyes to the back of the skull; as well as a low nose and low orbits, the space where the eyes sit.
Heads were skinned and muscles removed from the brain case in order to remove the skullcap.
These new finds are a good match for a roughly 2-million-year-old Homo brain case and face excavated in 1972 in the same part of East Africa, reports a team led by anthropologist Meave Leakey of the Turkana Basin Institute in Nairobi, Kenya.
Her brain case and face share many features with skull pieces from Sahelanthropus, a 6- to 7-million-yearold hominid in Chad (SN: 7/13/02, p.
Nonetheless, Flo's brain case strongly resembles that of a short person with microcephaly, Martin and his colleagues conclude in the November Anatomical Record.