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"This edition we have achieved a combination of designers showcasing western, fusion, pret to bridal wear as the shoppers needs are very varied at this time of the year attending a mix of celebrations," said Manisha Kumar Chhabra, the brain child of Numaish.
No Drama Discipline/The Whole Brain Child Early Childhood Workshop (3-10 years of age)
The initiative, which is the brain child of Bishop Valentine Seane, was set in motion in 2013 with the aim of promoting liturgy through music to transcend cultural limitations and traditional barriers with life-changing Gospel of Christ through music.
VVN's TEA is the brain child of three New York artists including VIVIAN, a fashion designer / actress, QIMING, an interactive designer / entrepreneur, and XUNINGG, an illustrator / graphic designer.
Singhania has joined hands with Kiran Agarwal on her brain child. The film is out and called 'Sabak Degi Naani'.
This happens on Sunday at the Old Toll Bar on Paisley Road West from 1pm until late with 45-minute sets from Andrew Divine, Stuart Cosgrove, Gerry Lyons, Aarti Joshi, Hush Puppy, Jennie Cook, Anna Goldthorp, Bob Tha Junglist, Craig Reece, Holly Calder, Neil MacInnes, Mark Robb, Lynne Johnstone, JP McGowan, Craig Moog, Bosco, Rub a Dub, Divine, Let's Go Back and more, plus the brain child of this event, the legendary Stevie Elements.
Opening the festival, the brain child of Bahraini philanthropist Eman Nooruddin, will be Watani: My Homeland, the story of a family's fight and struggle to survive the Syrian civil war.
Careem had also announced it has invested in bus transport network Swvl, the brain child of former Careem market launcher Mostafa Kandil, fulfilling its mission to build an institution for the region.
The group, the brain child of billionaire Russian computer scientist Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, now has almost 200,000 verified citizens from around 200 countries.
The play is brain child of Dawar Mohammad and a galaxy of star studded talent Saqib Sumeer, Mustafa, Faisal, Salman and Fawad are the co-authors.
The club was born from the senior running club 'Denby Dale Travellers' and was the brain child of Joanne Worboys-Hodgson.
The Brain child of Vinay Kalantri, the TMW, is a digital wallet that provides a payment solution for customers and businesses that will make Life Easy for all concerned.