brain damage

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Over along period of time, however, heavy drinkers may also develop various types of physical brain damage.
After Gracie was born, by C-section, she had seizures, and imaging studies showed she had brain damage from decreased oxygen, according to the Bulgers.
Usually, the chances of survival after such a severe brain damage and more than 25 minutes duration of resuscitation are six per cent.
Cold water drowning victims survive without brain damage because of the triggering of the 'Mammalian Diving Reflex.
But when the teen was released seven days after the incident, the diagnosis indicated that there was no permanent brain damage.
The result of that attack was that she suffered irreversible brain damage and that there is no hope of improvement in her condition.
Pidgeon said most of the improvement from the type of brain damage Zemke suffered occurs in the first 18 months, but someone his age can continue to recover for up to three years.
After Schiavo's brain damage occurred, Michael Schiavo studied nursing so he could care for her.
Intrapartum fetal heart rate patterns can reveal urgent information about neurologic injuries suffered during labor, and also can identify brain damage sustained before the perinatal period.
AN AUTOPSY will be performed after Terri Schiavo dies to show the extent of her brain damage, her husband's lawyer said.
AN autopsy will be held on right-to-die woman Terri Schiavo to show the extent of her brain damage, her husband's lawyer has said.
There is plenty of evidence that solvent abuse leads to brain damage.