brain damage

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Assessment of the post-experiment brain damage indicated a neuroprotective effect of mesenchymal stem cell transplantation and a combination of mesenchymal stem cell and erythropoietin (a modulator substance the subjects received on postnatal days six, seven and eight) therapy.
The major aim of the study is to find out the distinctive pattern of performance of schizophrenic males, brain damage male patients and normal males on Bender-Gestalt Test in Pakistan.
Considering the importance of Bender Gestalt in identification of problem present study is designed to observe the indication of schizophrenia patients and brain damage patients on this test and to study their difference on identified deviations.
We don't know what the level of brain damage is, if any," he told the paper.
But when the teen was released seven days after the incident, the diagnosis indicated that there was no permanent brain damage.
After Schiavo's brain damage occurred, Michael Schiavo studied nursing so he could care for her.
Of the brain-damaged children analyzed, 26% of brain damage occurs in the intrapartum period and can be detected by a Hon fetal heart rate pattern.
AN autopsy will be held on right-to-die woman Terri Schiavo to show the extent of her brain damage, her husband's lawyer has said.
AN AUTOPSY will be performed after Terri Schiavo dies to show the extent of her brain damage, her husband's lawyer said.
There is plenty of evidence that solvent abuse leads to brain damage.
Mrs Schiavo, 41, of Florida, suffered brain damage 15 years ago after her heart stopped due to a chemical imbalance.