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com/brain-dead-back-life-doctor-wants-reanimate-living-cadavers-2567885) Brain Dead Back To Life?
Mr Al Dabal's organisation was launched in Saudi Arabia in 1988, but by the end of last year had been involved in 92 transplants from brain dead patients.
It is the first case in which a donor under 6 years old has been declared brain dead since the revised organ transplant law took effect in July 2010 to cover children under age 15, requiring tougher brain-death criteria for those under 6.
Their heart may still be beating, (and) is still beating in that they don't breathe, they're brain dead.
This does not comport with the overwhelming amount of expert medical opinion that Tara was brain dead for an extraordinary period of time.
The Saudi centre will present cash rewards to relatives of donors and clinically brain dead patients.
As the young man was being prepared for organ transplantation, his cousins, who were both nurses, noticed that his vitals appeared to be improving and that he did not match their experience of typical brain dead patients.
His body is still fighting on but I'm afraid he is to all intents and purposes brain dead, clinically dead.
Gupta, we should explain again, in your--medically, is a brain dead person dead?
This tells me he is far from being brain dead, it tells me that he is a professional driver who drives on public roads from Monday to Saturday without any major problems.
BRITISH bomb victim Graham Carter today faced fresh heartache -after learning that his fiancee was brain dead.