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The woman was around 15 weeks pregnant when she was declared brain dead by doctors.
PIMS neurosurgeon Dr KhaliquZaman has already indicated that Dr Malik was brain dead after the bullet pierced through his head before it stuck in the brain.
The 61-year-old Irish actor said that when he arrived at the Canadian hospital to meet his deceased wife, who was brain dead, after her accident, he professed his love for her, before asking the doctors to remove her from life support.
He said, "The importance of this unique operation is that for the first time in Iran, in the Middle East and the eastern Mediterranean, we have used a hand from a brain dead person, and transplanted it to another person.
The newspaper reported that many people confuse brain dead patients with those who are comatose.
The truth is, however, that a patient who is brain dead can be sustained by intensive care.
TMZ reports that doctors have now declared that the young boy is brain dead.
All these things happen to you after you've been declared brain dead.
ISSUE: Should hospital have been liable for turnin off life support after brain dead mother delivered her child?
A Salmaniya Medical Complex Yusuf Khalil Almoayyed Nephrology and Kidney Transplant Centre team received a Saudi Organ Transplant Centre delegation and discussed activating a GCC programme, involving particularly clinically brain dead patients.
Summary: Paris, May 20, 2010, SPA -- A policewoman was declared brain dead today after being fired upon during a vehicle spot-check on a motorway outside Paris, dpa cited France Info radio as reporting.
In a case raising serious questions about procedures used to determine brain death, a man declared brain dead was found to be very much alive just four hours after that diagnosis, just as his family was getting ready to pay their respects and say goodbye.