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The decadence that we see around us, the chaos on the roads, and the intellectual blackout; all of this is a consequence of brain drain.
The term brain drain designates the international transfer of resources in the form of human capital and mainly applies to the migration of relatively highly educated individuals from developing to developed countries [Beineet al.
That is brain migration, also known as brain drain in the specialized literature.
Therefore, in any development strategy, check on brain drain should be the key factor, as the country is getting short of professionals and development experts.
Thus, a brain drain is likely to have both a positive and negative impact on the quality of institutions, an issue examined in this paper.
The phenomenon of brain drain has serious negative impacts on the economy of a sending country such as loss of skilled human labor that resultantly slower down the economic development of the country2.
12 in collaboration with ArabNet to tackle the country's brain drain problem by offering a platform for local entrepreneurs and university students in the tech and digital sectors.
In short, this is the brain drain of "la creme de la creme.
Keywords: Balochistan Brain Drain Sectarianism Militancy Kidnap Ransom
A similar survey covering the years 19982001 showed significantly larger proportions of Chinese and Indian students planning to stay and Iranian students in third place in the brain drain measure then.
As such, there is little or no brain drain from Scotland which is reflected in their university rankings - St Andrews University is fourth in the UK.
This study analyzes the determinants of medical brain drain using medical physician flows from 144 origin (sending) to 18 destination (receiving) countries over the 1995-2004 period.