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BRAIN scans could be useful as lie detectors to show if a witness lies when identifying a suspect in a crime investigation, researchers believe.
But my brain scan results got caught up in the mail and never made it to the Board's offices in time.
I went to see a specialist yesterday and had a brain scan, the result of which was normal," Ljungberg said yesterday.
McCullough temporarily lost his licence three years ago following a brain scan and his corner was criticised for not pulling him out of the weekend's fight when he was receiving almost constant punishment.
Yesterday it was disclosed that scientists are looking at MRI brain scans as a possible solution.
I'm having a brain scan but I'm hoping there isn't a long term problem because I'm desperate to stay in the GP next year.
Next, the screen automatically moves back from the holographic film by one millimeter--the same distance between the actual brain scans.
They then created a color-coded system to spot out the probability of certain words being related to an object that a volunteer thought about while reading a Wikipedia article during a brain scan.
The doctors came out and looked at him and when they saw his condition they decided they needed to do a brain scan.
They reckon that a lumbar puncture test combined with a brain scan can identify patients with early tell-tale signs of dementia, reports the BBC.
Professor Phillips, associated with the Boxing Union of Ireland, believes the former world champion is physically fit enough to get back in the ring - six months after the results of a brain scan seemed to end his glittering career.
YOUNG Rhondda talent Alex Hughes finally makes his first ring walk next weekend -two years after a failed brain scan threatened to KO his career before it even started.