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The good thing whenhe failed his brain scan was he didn't go away and pack it in, he stayed in the gym working and carried on sparring with the boys.
The brain scans take a matter of minutes and cost between Au100 and Au200.
Richards said last night: "The brain scan seems to show an abnormality, but I'm waiting for this week's result before I jump to any conclusions.
The children's brain scans showed increased activity in the men that controls language recognition, the study says.
Gary, 40, said: 'I don't know why they wouldn't give Matthew a brain scan.
Children with headaches should get a brain scan if they are under 3 years of age, have short stature or a deceleration of growth, or have diabetes insipidus or neurofibromatosis.
Any athlete with an abnormality on computed tomography or MRI brain scan consistent with brain swelling, contusion, or other intracranial pathology should be removed from sports activities for the season and discouraged from future return to participation in contact sports.
In some patients, the brain scan gets worse after the offending substance is inhaled," Heuser says.
In what might be a kick-start to doomsday, scientists have developed AI, which might be able tell what you are thinking by reading your brain scans.
A BRAIN scan study has tracked the course of Alzheimer's disease in an individual patient from early development to death.
Butler brain scan clear MICHAEL BUTLER, the 7lb claiming rider who was badly concussed in a fall at Cork on Saturday, was released from hospital yesterday.
A GRANDMOTHER knocked down in a hit-and-run crash has had to undergo a brain scan.