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Neurotoxicity, which often is more dangerous, can cause delirium, brain swelling and difficulty finding words.
Clinical proof-of-concept studies have demonstrated the potential of CIRARA to reduce brain swelling, disability and the risk of death in patients with LHI.
fowleri attacks the brain, it sets off a cascade of inflammation that leads to dangerous brain swelling and death, Cope says.
After the surgery, she went into cardiac arrest and suffered brain swelling.
Reflecting on reports that the F1 champion was communicating with doctors and family immediately after the accident, traumatic brain injury specialist Tony Belli said a sudden decline was typical of brain swelling.
Doctors at Al Rahba Hospital had struggled for several days to reduce Karasane's brain swelling, but his friend said it was obvious after numerous brain scans that he would not survive.
Their five-year old daughter escaped with a broken left leg and brain swelling, also known as brain edema or elevated intracranial pressure.
An air ambulance crew tried to save her but she never regained consciousness and died a week later of severe brain swelling.
Rhoby Orata, another member of the hospital medical staff, told ABS-CBN television in an interview that Maquinto was diagnosed with brain swelling, with a blood clot also detected at the right side of his brain.
Rabies is a disease caused by a virus that enters the body through the bite from infected animals and causes brain swelling and, if not quickly treated, results in convulsions, respiratory failure, and death in almost every person infected.
Intranasal delivery of MSCs avoids the tissue trauma and related inflammation and brain swelling associated with surgical implantation of therapeutic stem cells.