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If such thoughts can be "read," is it so unreasonable to believe that we will be able to identify when a person is thirsty (certain hypothalamic activity), and is simultaneously thinking about vermouth (certain brain wave pattern)?
Because brain wave data can be processed remotely, the company could provide services to anywhere in the world, and as such is an example of the emerging field of telemedicine.
She "had no interest in seeing a shrink," he said, but she agreed to neurotherapy, a treatment that helps people train their own brain waves to work differently.
Using sensors on the scalp and advanced computer technology, the patient's brain wave activity is compared to what is considered normal brain wave activity.
It is notoriously hard to identify brain states, such as relaxation, even with multiple indicators, let alone with a single brain wave measurement.
Meanwhile, the kit's app can display compiled brain wave and facial muscle wave data in an easy-to-read color-coded graph.
The scans found that disturbed brain wave activity lasted for up to an hour after the phone call ended.
Farwell's device zeroes in on the activity of P300, a type of brain wave that "activates" when a person recognizes a familiar object, such as a crime weapon.
As people learn to control this brain wave, they could then operate anything a programmer could hook up to a computer.
Much like rats manoeuvring their way through a maze, the researchers monitored the brain waves of the teenagers as they navigated their way on a video screen.
People in one group with abnormal brain wave patterns react abnormally to light stimulation, while those in a second group with normal brain wave patterns also react abnormally to such stimulation.
With Harvest of Stars, Anderson shows that not only has he still got the spark that made masterpieces of No Truce with Kings, Brain Wave, and Orion Shall Rise--he's getting better.