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In 1987, when we introduced in the Philippines the internationally known inner mind control seminars, we used a small, battery-operated device that made pulsating sounds at the rate of seven to 14 cycles per second, which is within the alpha brain wave level.
When neurons fire, they produce electrical signals that combine to form brain waves that oscillate at different frequencies.
During rapid eye movement, or REM, sleep, brain waves appear small and fast, like those of an awake brain.
The neurofeedback practitioner pays special attention to brain wave activity during a task to gain insight into an individual's cognitive functioning and emotional state.
A mobile app under development can filter phone calls and reroute them directly to voicemail by reading brain waves, cutting the need for users to press buttons on the smartphone screen.
Brain wave monitoring is used to measure the level of concentration and model video game complexity based on stress levels from subjects playing the game.
Using neuro-feedback to add depth and accuracy to counseling in general requires an understanding of the basic brain waves used in NF: delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma.
The system works with the help of brainwave-detecting technology, or electroencephalography (EEG), via a cap wired with sensors that detects the user's brain waves.
Using sensors on the scalp and advanced computer technology, the patient's brain wave activity is compared to what is considered normal brain wave activity.
The technique uses standard methods for acquiring brain wave data but employs a high-powered computing system known as grid computing to filter out distortions and improve accuracy.
Other areas in which AAPB members are working that are particularly relevant to musicians include improving elite performance in athletes and artists, managing stress, treating overuse syndrome, preventing injury, managing breathing and hyperventilation as it impairs health and performance, and using brain wave biofeedback to help enhance peak performance and improve concentration.
Children with ADHD may also have differences in their brain wave activity.