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A mother who gave her brain-damaged son a lethal heroin injection to end his "living hell" has had her appeal adjourned, because she wanted to change her barrister.
Brain-damaged patients vividly illustrate the self's resiliency, Feinberg adds.
As many as 50% of brain-damaged infants have sustained irreversible neurologic injuries before labor and delivery, explained Dr.
The attack caused him to fall to the ground, in Dersingham Drive, Aldermans Green, and bang his head on a kerb, leaving him brain-damaged.
Michael Watson, the brain-damaged fighter who walked this year's London Marathon in six days, received heavyweight applause at last night's British Boxing Board Awards.
Drueciel Ford, 49, pleaded not guilty to five counts of child abuse and unprofessional conduct in Pasadena Superior Court on Wednesday, 11 months after a 15-year-old patient sedated with chloral hydrate almost died and was left brain-damaged after having a tooth pulled.
An advocate's young wife has been left brain-damaged after a road crash.
Perception-response speed and driving capabilities of brain-damaged and older drivers.
Currently, families of brain-damaged babies who win payouts from hospitals using legal aid get to keep the full amount to help support their child.
A FATHER and two sons sentenced to a total of 24 years for a street attack which left a youth brain-damaged walked free yesterday.
A woman has launched a legal battle claiming her daughter was born severely brain-damaged because midwives delayed her birth.
Terri Schiavo's parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, asked supporters to return home to spend Easter Sunday with their families as the couple's severely brain-damaged daughter went a ninth day without food or water.