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Surely it was more likely that a brainless creature, acting solely by vague predatory instinct, would give up the chase when I disappeared, and, after a pause of astonishment, would wander away in search of some other prey?
Nevertheless, like a brainless and unreasoning Briton, he persisted in maintaining on the premises a large stock of cocks, hens, and other poultry.
Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], January 26 (ANI): Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Friday took a potshot at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah and called him 'a brainless man.
You brainless morons," Morgan said Monday in response to Paxton's comments.
Perhaps, at a time of political unrest and bad news, it has fulfilled a need for something brainless.
The Record can today unmask Robbie Anderson, 27, from Tollcross in Glasgow, as the brainless hooligan who filmed himself branding Sinclair a "f***n n***r" as he walked though a pub packed with celebrating Hoops fans.
I am always gobsmacked when I see the candidates spouting the "I'm the greatest" brainless drivel.
Unless you're a brainless berk working at C4 who will stop at nothing to get your show trending on Twitter.
As a friend and HT columnist Seema Goswami tweeted in the context of anothern of Salman's friends "on balance it is better to be homeless rather than brainless.
I ask you what brainless individual sited the cycle track to run through the sand hills on West Shore?
The trouble with Grown Ups 2 is it seems to be a film of the brainless, by the brainless, for the brainless.
So why are there still impatient, brainless drivers who think it's perfectly acceptable to not sit in queues of traffic and wait like everyone else, but instead use the hard shoulder/emergency lane as their own personal, high speed thoroughfare, only briefly rejoining the correct lanes to dodge the parked public security vehicles?