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No, because he was all trendy," Corden fumbled brainlessly, citing the way he "slid down the banisters" as the reason.
LIB-DEMS who brainlessly overlooked their acting leader Vince Cable, who performed so impressively after Ming Campbell's resignation, to appoint the young telegenic Turk Nick Clegg, above, are now paying an awful price.
She rambled on brainlessly about "Rambo" and, like AS of Felling, thinks it was wrong of Britain to drive the Argentinian invaders out of the Falklands (pictured).
For Robert Baer, in See No Evil: The True Story of a Ground Soldier in the CIA's War on Terrorism (Crown, 2002), only a litany of complaints against the brainlessly legalistic, pussy-footing, molly-coddling counterterrorist officials suffices.
Look, if the boy is cute-as-a-button but brainlessly boring, stick it out through coffee.
But the Swiss manager really ought to have invited Haas to join him on the bench because, in 59 minutes, the full-back was ordered to take the long walk by Ivanov after brainlessly scissoring into Cole.
Another pleasant surprise is the performance of Lauren Williams as Philia, the brainlessly coy courtesan-in-waiting.
The American presence in Bolivia is less brainlessly imperial than Ambassador Rocha made it seem.
Sourav Ganguly Batted brainlessly in the final but still managed 465 runs
If I can get superior products at a good price, brainlessly, Amazon wants to be there.
But in fact fabliau women speak not so much brainlessly as subversively.
Without it Loyalist fighters too easily slide into gangsterism, brainlessly copying only the symptoms of a consciousness bred into the very blood of Republicans.