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Assailants of infamous Al Badr militia forces manned by the then Jamt's student wing are accused of annihilating most of the martyred intellectuals just two days ahead of the December 16, 1971 victory against Pakistan in their apparent attempt to expose to the new born country to a state of brainlessness.
Vinayak Chakravorty of India Today: "Strange, but you don't mind the film despite its unapologetic brainlessness.
In other words, the brainless types who use that expression and are delighted to have to make decisions that do not require the use of brains they do not posses are now finding ever more decisions beyond the powers of their brainlessness.
She complains of the brainlessness of housework (40-41).
The Premier League are unwilling to impose one, so the Football Association - long concerned about boardroom brainlessness - must seize the moment and flex its muscles.
University staffs have contributed to this servile brainlessness by embracing the political correctness of the day.
But the nadir of Greek brainlessness and criminal right-wing ineptitude came with the junta and the coup against Makarios that triggered the Turkish invasion of 1974.
Bell notes that "the Berlin Academy had been slowly dying of brainlessness for forty years when Euler .
But maybe that is not possible: maybe, in fact, the brainlessness of the box jellyfish is a direct consequence of its tremendous powers of sight.
That the third in line to the throne has inherited the insufferable arrogance of his father and the painful brainlessness of his mother.
Free State Ireland by its very nature, surmised O'Faolain, resisted the writing of novels: 'In such an unshaped society there are many subjects for little pieces, that is for the short-story writer; the novelist or the dramatist loses himself in the general amorphousness, unthinkingness, brainlessness, egalitarianism and general unsophistication' (The Dilemma, pp.
And short of complete brain-fade, the disease that ails most boy racers with too much bravado and brainlessness for their own or anybody else's good, the car is the embodiment of safety-fast.