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Young people are more vulnerable and brainwashed by the corrupt politicians and fundamentalist organisations.
The post Monk tells court that church never brainwashed him appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
However, Hadiya's father has alleged that his daughter was brainwashed and forcefully converted to Islam.
BEIRUT: An Australian doctor who traveled to Syria to join ISIS has rejected accusations that he was "brainwashed" into joining the jihadi group.
The judge, who described Mr Din as "manipulative", said: "I profoundly hope that this girl has not been married off against her will." Mr Din said the children were with his sister in Pakistan and that she had "brainwashed the children".
Their families claim they have been brainwashed on the Internet, the New York Daily News reported on Saturday.
The Frenchman went on to say that they have been 'brainwashed'.
He said history will stand witness for the Kingdom's establishing Prince Mohammed bin Naif's Center for Advice-sharing which was successful in re-brainwashing those who have once been brainwashed by deviant groups thinking.
I have never met our Queen, or any of the royal family, but I do prefer having them and the joy they can sometimes spread, rather than the total dictators other countries are brainwashed by.
The real world awaits you but I for one don't think you can face its reality being so utterly brainwashed into believing the things you do.
The British public have been lied to, deceived, misled and brainwashed on all of these.