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While Brainwashed just scrapped into the US charts at No 18, Canadian country singer Shania Twain shot to the No1 slot with her new release Up
REPORTER: "She's suggested that her mum Mandy has been brainwashed into forgiving her dad by the Bethany Evangelical Church.
Sheikh Abdullah said: "The brutality of these organisations has recently intensified in the region and includes destructive tactics aimed at controlling targeted groups, especially youth, who are brainwashed and incited through social media and remotely directed to perpetrate terrorist attacks, proving that the threat of these terrorist organisations transcends geographical boundaries and is a risk not only for our region but for all states and communities.
THE Foreign Minister has warned against young people being brainwashed into committing acts of terror.
Your Poem BRAINWASHING Please my country of birth don't be unkind By brainwashing my newborn innocent mind Inform me about ALL the religions that each country preaches So I'm not forced to believe the one that my country teaches And please tell me of the thoughts of non-believers, too So I can consider their completely different point of view For I don't want a closed mind that's blinkered and shuttered Because I've been brainwashed by beliefs that only my country has uttered I want a pure open mind that soars high and flies free From all the ignorance and bigotry that only the truly brainwashed accept so easily So please my country of birth don't be unkind By brainwashing my newborn innocent mind John Wall, Wavertree
I think they are brainwashed into thinking they are going to help people.
Another witness of the North Korean brutality said that people were being brainwashed from the time they knew how to talk, adding that brainwashing through education happened everywhere- in life, society, even at home.
Their families claim they have been brainwashed on the Internet, the New York Daily News reported on Saturday.
The media in general has brainwashed a little bit the Emirates," Wenger is (http://www.
He said history will stand witness for the Kingdom's establishing Prince Mohammed bin Naif's Center for Advice-sharing which was successful in re-brainwashing those who have once been brainwashed by deviant groups thinking.
I have never met our Queen, or any of the royal family, but I do prefer having them and the joy they can sometimes spread, rather than the total dictators other countries are brainwashed by.