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NIA had detained a lecturer from Anjuman- I- Islam's Kalsekar Technical College situated at Panvel district for allegedly brainwashing the youth to fight for the IS.
Someone is persuading them, brainwashing them, helping them travel, arranging tickets."
Headmasters at many inner-city state schools despair at this brainwashing, and theft of resources, by a militant Tory zealot and want to return to how it was.
The warning that we should be cautious in using our enemy's tactics lest we become like them is never far off from one's mind when reading this study of the way the concept of "brainwashing"--at first, the domain of Soviet spies and totalitarian oppressors--was adopted by the USA and contributed to both the breakdown of the Cold War consensus and the ongoing policies of manufactured consent.
These zombies are also brainwashing adults and some folks even within Christian groups.This virus is so quick and lethal that it appears to spread just like in the movie, by biting.
Sadly we have the British Brainwashing Corporation, a puppet of the English Labour Party as a First Minister and all our Welsh National Teams under threat.
MIXU PAATELAINEN says he is brainwashing his Hibs players in a bid to end their Highland jinx.
John Frankenheimer's 1962 thriller The Manchurian Candidate depicts the brainwashing of captured American soldiers during the Korean War, with one soldier programmed to become an assassin.
Now in a newly revised edition, The Brainwashing of the American Investor: The Book That Wall Street Does Not Want You To Read!
"I am shocked at the money the council squandered on this and what I can only describe as the brainwashing methods it used on tenants.
It is in fact one of the characteristics modern time to use sweet words for awful things in an attempt to make them sound good, an art called euphemism.A careful inspection into most aspects of human activity is enough to reveal an astonishing phenomenon that almost every one is involved -- in one way or another -- in brainwashing. To clarify this we need first to define what brainwash is.