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In the words of Ashish Chadha, Managing Director, Brainwork Technologies, "Our inherent knack to transcend cultural and language barriers to create top-notch web solutions have enabled us to mete out the best solutions for numerous clients across the globe".
Collins again criticized those who were "too willing to depend upon the brainwork of others," but also cautioned that "[t]oo much singularity of opinion savors of eccentricity, and that is not a desirable attribute" (128).
He defines brainwork as grasping the nuances of the marketplace, "understanding the supplier base and knowing what suppliers are out there.
But a lot of the process was because after you finish doing all the brainwork, it took 12 hours every night to "thump"--and that's what we call those young men and women, "thumpers"--to thump the data into the databases.
Those fields require number knowledge, but calculators and computers can do all the brainwork faster and more easily than humans.
Significantly Fitzpatrick used his head to score the 66th minute winner when the cleverer brainwork of Rovers proved decisive.
The Paris Motor Show was where the company finally revealed the car - the brainwork of whizzkid Midland designer Ajay Panchal - will hit UK showrooms in October 2003.
But his latest piece of nifty brainwork is by far the most profitable.
It is going to take a lot of ingenuity and brainwork to create inexpensive living structures made from local materials which will be as exciting and aesthetically appealing as the landscapes that surround them.