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Like Johanna Takala in the elevator, who turned the empty time that her colleagues used to move from one place to another to the primary event of her ambiguous brainwork qua learning, untimeliness appears as a dysfunction in the normal order of things because it unfolds an action without a recognizable end or a predictable duration.
In the words of Ashish Chadha, Managing Director, Brainwork Technologies, "Our inherent knack to transcend cultural and language barriers to create top-notch web solutions have enabled us to mete out the best solutions for numerous clients across the globe".
Principles that refer to the opportunity for welfare--proposed by Arneson--or to access to advantage--by Cohen--would require excessively complex calculations and brainwork.
So you've got to cut off the brainwork about an hour before bedtime, some people are doing brainwork right up until bedtime.
RAWALPINDI, November 30, 2010 (Frontier Star): Chairperson Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), Farzana Raja has said that masses would not befooled for long with such projects as 'sasti roti' (cheap bread) and food support program, as copying someone required lots of brainwork.
The addictive part was a chance to do something with my hands and my back and my senses so radically different from the desk-bound brainwork that I've spent decades doing.
This sounds very academic - but brainwork is only part of the story.
Follow that old familiar list--diet, exercise, brainwork, et cetera--and shape your habits for maximum longevity.
Thoroughly in his element amid the city's hum of brainwork, Wu collected, inspected, consulted, painted, critiqued, organized, edited, and hobnobbed, earning his living, piecemeal, in the process.
A smart navigation system is the key element of a robot if it wants to be truly autonomous, as it will have to carry out the brainwork to understand the surroundings and plot a course accordingly.
It isn't all about giving orders or having other people do the legwork or brainwork for you.
Mark had decided that Interbrew, one of the world's biggest brewing groups with brands such as Stella Artois and Carling, was an opportune entry into fast-moving consumer goods which required fast-moving brainwork.