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They bring years of experience to the Brainy Baby brands nationwide brick and mortar sales launch which begins this month and gives the Company opportunities with specialty retailers and national account buyers that only years of relationship building can offer," commented Carson Ashworth, VP of Sales.
Our stores cater to the ages of newborn through 12, which ties in with the Zany Brainy philosophy of early education and appropriate playthings for very young children.
Brainy S is the world's first solar PCU with zero change over time.
CITY ESCAPE nClumsy, Papa, Brainy, Grouchy, Gutsy and Smurfette get stuck in New York
Brainy beauty: AJ did museum studies at St Andrews Sexpot: AJ at work
East Middlesbrough pupils took part in The Brainy Breakfast pilot scheme aimed at promoting the link between healthy eating and better educational achievement
It's not every day that neuroscience and dance find themselves onstage together, but Cuban choreographer Marianela Boan will do a bit of brainy experimentation in False Testimony.
Picking between the field is not easy, but it's not hard to be persuaded by the strong claims of Brainy Benny, who very much represents the solid-recent-form camp.
This influx of brainy and brawny immigrants is our oil well.
The two had just settled when down through the air flew Brainy the Owl with his solemn-eyed stare.
With that qualification in mind, this is a humorous saga of the brainy outsider girl, Jennifer James, in love with the unattainable boy.
Sporting a Liz Phair--parody cover shot, Sweet Chastity explores what it means to be a brainy exile in brawny beautiful gay guyville.