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He succeeded, at length, in dragging himself out of the sickly light of the moon, into the shadows of the brake, where not only his own dark person was much less liable to be seen, but where the surrounding objects became more distinctly visible to his keen and active glances.
He now took the direction of the encampment, stealing along the margin of the brake, as a cover into which he might easily plunge at the smallest alarm.
A tuft of green leaves waved upon his crest, a larger tuft of brakes made an umbrageous tail, and a shawl of many colours formed his flapping wings.
When the pilot removes pressure from the toe brake, a spring pushes the piston back to the full off position, which allows the fluid that was pushed into the brake assembly to be pulled back toward the master cylinder.
The electric brake controller is activated when your brake lights come on, and the amount of stopping is adjustable by dial from inside the comfort of your cab: light for wet conditions and more aggressive if the weight of the loaded boat rivals that of the truck.
The feedback lockup braking-driving integrated system for electric vehicles is composed of feedback brake transmission component, brake pushing component, brake component, braking energy reusing component, as shown in Fig.
Over time, brake fluid absorbs water from the atmosphere, which reduces its effectiveness by lowering the boiling point.
Never drive off with your trailer unless the service brake and parking brake work.
But what happens when you actually put your foot on the brake is something of a mystery to many of us.
It will say how by following simple guidelines airlines can reduce their consumption of brake pads.
Most motorists wait until they are alerted by a brake warning light on the dashboard but many vehicles do not have one and those that do often fail to alert until the brakes are well in to the danger zone.
The new brake is available in both a standard and auto-adjust model and is fitted with Carlisle's asbestos-free brake lining, which the company said is designed to provide optimized service life and stopping performance.